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  • Soft Top Surfboard
  • Soft Top Surfboard
Soft Top SurfboardSoft Top Surfboard

Soft Top Surfboard

Product Description

Our soft surfboard is very friendly for beginner. Featuring a double fibre glass stringer built inside the foam as well as a soft EVA layer which adds extra buoyancy to make it easier to paddle and get up on your feet and deal with wipe-outs. 

Softboards make face-plants and wipe-puts much more forgiving on the body, and the soft surface is easier on the knees too, so the only thing you'll be shredding is the waves.             

We also accept customized order, make your brand design boards according to your requested construction or materials, no matter what kind of soft top surfboard, EPS surfboard, PU surfboard, Sup board, inflatable sup board.


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