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  • 5'7 Pink Surfboard
  • 5'7 Pink Surfboard
  • 5'7 Pink Surfboard
  • 5'7 Pink Surfboard
  • 5'7 Pink Surfboard
5'7 Pink Surfboard5'7 Pink Surfboard5'7 Pink Surfboard5'7 Pink Surfboard5'7 Pink Surfboard

5'7 Pink Surfboard

5'7, round nose, fish tail, with a just right rocker, roller printed deck with eye-catching wood graphics. Light and durable construction makes it really user-friendly for surfers of full level skills.
It's one of the most-demanded and widely used boards.
Only $75 if you order a full container, and that includes PE strengthening layers inside the board.

Blank: EPS foam

Board Shape: Round nose + flat tail /Pointed nose + flat / fish / pin tail

Deck material: XPE, IXPE, EVA for options

Deck color: Standard colors and mixed colors available

Deck groove pattern: Diamond, tringle, crocodile, honeycomb, etc.

Resin: EPOXY resin

Fiberglass cloth: optional (normally two layers in deck and one in bottom)

Inside stringer: plywood / bamboo / fiberglass

Bottom material: HDPE or APC for option

EVA wrap: Optional on nose / tail / rail

Bonding process: Vacuum bagged

Foam blank density: 24-28kgs/m3

Logo printing: Customization available

Accessories: A set of fin and a black leash

Packaging: One piece or two pieces per each export carton

Handle: straight / Square buckle / skirt clasp handle


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